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Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: Iron Man/Marvel
Characters: Tony/Pepper
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1,262
Summary: Pepper bought the shirt because it was cute or because he lost a bet, depending on who you ask.
Note: Wish fulfillment re: a prompt concerning Pepper's "I've lost an electron" shirt that she wears in bed in IM3. Belated birthday gift for Jules, my lovely TD life partner. Fluff!

According to Pepper, the first time he noticed was when she was standing in the kitchen yelling at the coffee maker.Collapse )

18 August 2013 @ 07:43 pm
JF Vid

Song: No Direction Home
Artist: I Am Kloot
Fandom: LOST
Download: @ mediafire
Streaming: vimeo (hd) I youtube (hd) I also @ tumblr

Summary: I'm a complex guy, sweetheart.

The story of James "Sawyer" Ford. Tiger don't change his stripes. or does he?

NotesCollapse )
pw: con man

No Direction Home

Crawl upon the earth, scour the universe you know
Set my compass north, circumscribe the earth and go
No direction home

What's my part in this?
What's this dream I can't let go?
What's your weight in this?
What'd you wanna see and who'd you want to know?
You've no direction home

No direction home, no direction

Feels like all is lost
There's no where left to go
Through the seas and sands, cross the sky to the morning snow
Is there no direction home
Nowhere left to go
No direction home
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Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: Iron Man/Marvel
Characters: Tony/Pepper (slight Bruce Banner, James Rhodes)
Spoilers: Basically spoilers throughout all three films, heavy on IM3 shenanigans.
Word Count: 4,818
Summary: She’s seen suits in every single incarnation and every single color, she’s touched titanium fragments and arc reactors, she knows these outfits and their components like the back of her hand. But there’s something suspiciously different about looking at a suit that she knows is coded exclusively to her.
Note: My take/perspective on the many Pepper-As-Rescue scenarios following Iron Man 3. Quite possibly the biggest labor of love where this pairing is concerned, and the longest one shot I've ever done for any fic. Immeasurable thanks to lizook12 not just for being an outstanding beta, but for reading this more times than one should probably read a fic and also for providing reassurance and support. I'm indebted to you the same way Tony is indebted to JARVIS for reminding him what he had for breakfast.

(Also, all liberties with Marvel's canon - especially where Rescue/Pepper is concerned - remain my own.)

"Her name is Rescue."Collapse )
29 June 2013 @ 01:52 pm
Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: Iron Man/Marvel
Characters: Tony/Pepper
Spoilers: Slight spoilers for the first IM film, but nothing major
Word Count: 1,747
Summary: “You are to do anything and everything Tony Stark requires” – that had been her only real directive.
Note: Early (very early) Pepper Potts learning her job at Stark Industries. Because Pepper has always been a BAMF. Huge heaps of thanks to lizook12 for beta and support/encouragement, and title help - and to bobsessive for the request of the use of Tony's full name.

Pepper's first experience with Tony Stark is not all that uncommon.Collapse )

Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: Iron Man/Marvel
Characters: Tony/Pepper
Spoilers: IM3
Word Count: 2,702
Summary: Being along with his thoughts, that’s a different story.
Note: To the surprise of absolutely no one, I've been a bit of a feelings mess since this movie came out and wanted to write another (longer) piece on these two. So comes to my rescue my dear friend Aimee who gave me the following prompt: Tony fixes Pepper, a celebratory dinner happens, both get tipsy, and angsty feelings about Extremis/New York/events of IM3 ensue.

Though this setting is post movie, it kind of rewrites the placement of one scene, so just roll with it.

"What? I told you I'd fix you."Collapse )

Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: Iron Man 3
Characters: Tony/Pepper
Spoilers: Bedroom scene, but other than that, nothing really.
Word Count: 651
Summary: But most of all, Pepper Potts really hates that rabbit.
Note: Interlude/slight alternate take on the aftermath of the "bedroom scene" as it's been called. Some people have tried to justify Pepper's actions, but this is, quite simply: the product of what happens when an overabundance of post-movie feels leads to non-stop thinking.

Also, I just really kind of love vulnerable!Tony and him letting down his tough-guy-snark-vibe (sometimes) when he's with Pepper. And I wanted to write that.

Tinker with that.Collapse )


Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: LOST
Characters: James/Juliet
Spoilers: Assume through he end of the series
Word Count: 1238
Summary: Being along with his thoughts, that’s a different story.
Note: I never tire of exploring James Ford post Island, it seems. I suppose this was specifically prompted from a Tumblr conversation about post series finale life, thus it found its way into an (angsty) piece.

"I obey your law of gravity
This is the fate you've carved on me
The law of gravity"

- Vienna Teng, Gravity

Somewhere between high and drunk, while dancing to an Eagles LP fresh off the sub, he tells her he loves her.Collapse )


cerseifront cerseiback

I am a Lioness :: a Cersei Lannister fanmix
6 tracks + cover art, .zip file under cut

...and hair grows back.Collapse )

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22 March 2013 @ 10:45 am
Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: LOST
Characters: James/Juliet
Spoilers: Some late season six sideways stuff (Recon especially), but just assume you know most of the series.
Word Count: 2,143
Summary: Eventually it starts to feel like it once was, that period in their life where things were happy and bizarre and settled all at once.
Note: Sideways World in that the sideways is still happening after the awakening (if that should make any sense at all.) Or rather, just assume that James and Juliet have had their awakening, life goes on, no church times in the near future, nothing really changes. My darling lormats asked for a fic for her birthday, and I never break a promise. Happy birthday, bb! :)

"There are many things that I would like to know
And there are many places that I wish to go
But everything's depending on the way the wind may blow
- Oasis, Acquiesce

The first night, they don't bother to do anything else.Collapse )
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18 February 2013 @ 07:12 am
Author: findthesea
Rating: G
Fandom: LOST
Characters: James/Juliet
Spoilers: DHARMA years, nothing big
Word Count: 2,143
Summary: He pauses, fumbling with the front of his jumpsuit and the state of his being right now is so unlike James LaFleur (or James Ford, for that
matter) that she’s momentarily caught off guard. “I ain’t so good with words.”

Note: Fluffy, happy (for once!) DHARMA times. My mind has been permanently stuck in a 70's groove for the past few weeks, what with re-reading fic in order to get my mind off school stuff, and I just felt like I wanted to write something that idealized the happier (and even if not so happy, tender-ish) moments that make these two creatures so goshdarn melt-worthy in my eyes. Okay? Okay.
"You're going to do great. I know you."Collapse )
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