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Vid: LOST: No Direction Home [Vividcon '13]

JF Vid

Song: No Direction Home
Artist: I Am Kloot
Fandom: LOST
Download: @ mediafire
Streaming: vimeo (hd) I youtube (hd) I also @ tumblr

Summary: I'm a complex guy, sweetheart.

The story of James "Sawyer" Ford. Tiger don't change his stripes. or does he?



When I decided that I was going to make a Very First Attempt at vidding, I knew the project had to be about a character I was overly familiar with, and also one that I had an endless amount of love for. Ergo, LOST and the character of James "Sawyer" Ford who, since the very beginning of this show, has been one of my favorite fictional males ever to exist. I make no secret about how much I adore his story ac or about the fact that I feel he's such an intricately constructed individual with so many layers, all of which contributed to making his journey one of the most poignant and rewarding things to watch over a six year period.

The lyrics of the song and the overall tone speaks to someone who is constantly searching for "home" - sometimes finding it, sometimes not, sometimes finding it and then losing it. The ending of this is slightly messy, and it's meant to be because it's not about where the character ended up - it's about the journey that took him there. While I am a firm believer of the fact that the two black and whites of Sawyer's romantic life (Kate and Juliet) were defining instances towards his growth of Becoming A Better Person, I also feel that these factors almost always become absolute when people try to explain the trajectory of his character. Sawyer was more than his relationship with either woman, ultimately, every relationship in his life - from his past love (loves), to his pre-Island experiences, to the friendships he cultivated after the crash - had a lasting affect, shaping him into the person he was by the time he left on that Ajira plane (and to a lesser extent, in the Sideways Verse.)

Endless thanks and love to my amazingly supportive friend and super talented beta, hollywoodgrrl When making my first video ever (for VVC, no less) was but a seed of an idea, Vera pushed me to follow through, helped me find a song, and coached me through (many) drafts of editing even though she had her own deadlines to contend with. This vid would absolutely not exist in its final form without her help. Also, super amounts of love & thanks to bobsessive for always being my constant where any creative work is concerned and to ohvienna for encouragement and for knowing this man's face just as well as I do (and for also reminding me during multiple freak outs that "you know how to tell this dude's story.")

pw: con man

No Direction Home

Crawl upon the earth, scour the universe you know
Set my compass north, circumscribe the earth and go
No direction home

What's my part in this?
What's this dream I can't let go?
What's your weight in this?
What'd you wanna see and who'd you want to know?
You've no direction home

No direction home, no direction

Feels like all is lost
There's no where left to go
Through the seas and sands, cross the sky to the morning snow
Is there no direction home
Nowhere left to go
No direction home
Tags: character: james ford, fandom: lost, pairing: james/juliet, pairing: sawyer/kate, vid: vividcon
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